Dec 31, 2010

New Year!

Hello everyone, unordinary post but it's an unordinary occasion - New Year's coming!!

I wish you all the best, many new posts and for me, a lot of new technology "upadates" :))

Love you all :D <3

Dec 30, 2010

Nokia N8

Eventhough all "touch-screen" cellphones look the same to me, I kinda loved the new N8 design. It doesn't bring anything revolutionary, it's such a great feeling when you're holding one.

The Nokia N8 has two massive tasks on its hands: beat digicams at their own game and bring Symbian back to its past glory. Being "Nokia" sure makes a lot of Nokia fans crazy for it, but I think it won't be a hit - Symbian can't really compare with iOS and Android at this moment.

Full specs:

Google Nexus S

As we can notice, Google was working very hard this year to open up as many "battlefields" as possible. After launching their own OS, they announced their first mobile phone, named Nexus One.
The phone is Googles first one, and as such is still open for further upgrades, but just like with their OS, it's a good base to start working on.

It runs on Android and as such is one of the top models on the market at this moment.

Full specs:

Dec 29, 2010


It has been long ago since Honda announced the first humanoid robot on the market - and they named it Asimo. After 13 years (from 1997), it got a fresh design, which now looks like an astronaut :D.

Obviously, the newest, P4 design is the best one (oh, really? xD) and sure brings a lot of improvements, such as lowering the robots weight, increasing its flexibility etc.

I just keep wondering, when will be the day when robots gonna replace our moms - for cooking, cleaning, ironing, washing etc :D

More info:


Well, mentioning iPhone earlier, would be unfair if I don't write few words about other Apple's great product - iPad.

The main advantage of this gadget is, for sure, it's large, almost 10" touch-screen. With it, Apple is trying to conquer the world of Tablet PC's and, from what we've seen last months, they're doing a great job. iPad isn't perfect yet, but it has great base on which Apple can build their next generations of this great product.

More info:

Dec 28, 2010

First Google OS Computer

Google unveils Chrome first computer:

Google delayed the launch of its long-awaited first computer with Chrome operating system for 6 months. That would leave more time for engineers to fine-tune the software.

Under the new schedule was released Tuesday, Google expects the first computers powered by its operating system went on sale mid-next year. The company has previously promised to its Chrome have ready by the end of this year.

Google has already hired some of the users and to test a "very limited" number of laptops that use this OS, which revolves around two years old Chrome browser. Unknown computers that only carry the name of Cr-48 to those who participate in this pilot program will be delivered by the end of January next year.

First Chrome notebooks will be produced by Acer and Samsung Electronics. Google has announced that manufacturers of these next year to determine the price of the first Chrome machines.

Chrome OS computers will have 12.1-inch screen and full-size keyboard, but not the hard disk. This means that Chrome computers need to have online access in order to run more programs. Google has partnered with broadband and telecom giant Verizon Communications that could allow Internet access via wireless networks Verzionove in cases where there is no other way to connect to the web. Such access will cost $ 9.99 per month and will be required to sign a contract with the consumer in the long term.

Google has also unveiled a new store on the web for selling applications. Chrome Web Store is open Monday and so far on it is about 500 applications.

Dec 27, 2010

Google Chrome OS

Our beloved Google has announced a new OS, called Google Chrome OS.

So, with Microsoft and Linux, we're getting a whole new point of view on computer OS. There's no question how Google might develop it's OS because it's still brand new and nothing is finished, but it's a good thing to know that Microsoft is finally getting some bigger competition, an opponnent noone would like to stand across - Google.

It will be interesting to watch this "fight" over the years and see will the Microsoft still be on top, or the Google OS might retake Microsoft's position in todays computing.

More info about Google Chrome OS:

Dec 26, 2010

iPhone 4G

       People may argue if technology is making our life better or worse, but nevertheless, for someone, using some of it makes your life so much easier. One of such so called "gadgets" is worldwide worshiped iPhone. The new, much improved version is the 4G. Apple brought so much more into the mobile world by making its first iPhone, but today's 4G is far better than its previous version, 3GS.

It's performances are astounding, but most important are the camera improvement and maybe the best display man has seen on a cellphone. They also improved it in all other aspects, making it now one of the best (if not the best) gadget there is. It's price may be a problem to the "ordinary" people, but it's sure worth every penny.

Full specs :