Dec 26, 2010

iPhone 4G

       People may argue if technology is making our life better or worse, but nevertheless, for someone, using some of it makes your life so much easier. One of such so called "gadgets" is worldwide worshiped iPhone. The new, much improved version is the 4G. Apple brought so much more into the mobile world by making its first iPhone, but today's 4G is far better than its previous version, 3GS.

It's performances are astounding, but most important are the camera improvement and maybe the best display man has seen on a cellphone. They also improved it in all other aspects, making it now one of the best (if not the best) gadget there is. It's price may be a problem to the "ordinary" people, but it's sure worth every penny.

Full specs :


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  2. I'm still rockin the 3G, almost ready to do the upgrade. Waiting to see if they discount the first run of 4G's due to the antenna issues