Dec 30, 2010

Google Nexus S

As we can notice, Google was working very hard this year to open up as many "battlefields" as possible. After launching their own OS, they announced their first mobile phone, named Nexus One.
The phone is Googles first one, and as such is still open for further upgrades, but just like with their OS, it's a good base to start working on.

It runs on Android and as such is one of the top models on the market at this moment.

Full specs:


  1. google is getting serious about the mobile platform i see. where is this gonna fit in the market anyways?

  2. I never tried the google os but this phone does look like it's going to be a serious competitor with the other big ones :D

  3. I feel I know this phone intimately I see it so much ;)

  4. that thing looks like alien technology

  5. I've seen way too much of that thing.